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The next trend

In the IT world, trends come and go. The next “must have” or “must do” today is a dust collector tomorrow. Recently I had a conversation with a colleague about BPM, and whether or not it will continue to be a growing trend, or are its days numbered? He said to me “are you still doing that process stuff? BPM is old news.” My reply to this was simple. While trends of automating processes come and go, process management has been around since before the computer. The computer enables people to be more efficient in many ways. But the software you use today is constantly being replaced by latest, greatest trend. BPM is not software. It’s not something you buy. It’s something you do. There are many systems on the market based on older technologies that make them go out of favor as new systems emerge. But to say that BPM is ancient history would be like saying that business its self is ancient history as well.

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Most Common Questions on Implementing BPM + SOA

Recently I have been doing a series of presentations on SOA and BPM with a combined governance strategy and framework. It seems that BPM and SOA are a hot topic these days, but there doesn’t seem to be much knowledge on how to effectively combine both practices into a unified effort where both IT and business collaborate towards the same goals. This is the problem that BPM tried to solve back in 2002 but was not widely adopted because of the lack of IT backing of the tools. Now that SOA is becoming common practice it’s time for a second look at what BPM can really do for an organization.

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SOA presentation at AJUG

Today (April 21st) I’m doing a presentation at AJUG (Atlanta Java Users Group). The presentation will cover topics related to the relationship between SOA and BPM. Any attendees are welcome to comment and post feedback on this event.

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Workflow Application? Or is it a process?

Often I hear from people that are looking to implement a new “workflow application” in their organization. This always gives me a reminder that we (the IT community) have not yet broken through that boundary yet to where everyone understands what is a process and what is an application. Read more »

What does SOA mean for the process modeling world?

SOA is an acronym for Service Oriented Architecture. SOA is an approach to building software in a way that allows components to be reused across a large organization. So what does this have to do with process modeling? Process modeling involves analyzing all the various participants of a process such as people, systems, and other processes. Often a process modeler will overlook the fact that systems are involved in a process.

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